The Notebooks : A Death Note RPG
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The Notebooks : A Death Note RPG
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The Notebooks : A Death Note RPG
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The Notebooks : A Death Note RPG

Death Notes are back in the Human World, and 4 humans have recieved them. Now, register and join the fight! Will you help the 4 Kiras, or will you help the Japanese Task Force? Only you can decide.
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PostSubject: Ayane Mayonaka   Ayane Mayonaka EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 6:25 pm

General Information

Name: Ayane K. Mayonaka
Nickname/Alias: Aya, Midnight
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Appearance Information

Description: Ayane has a dark skin tone and bright white eyes, that match her bright white hair. The eyes and the hair are both a result of dyeing and contacts, as she has astigmatism. She’s not very well endowed for her age with a 32 B bra cup. She’s missing 2 of her wisdom teeth, as both of them were pulled when she turned 17. She has a soft-spoken voice, that could be confused with that of a Shy girls, and though when she ges upset, her voice gains a tint of something that could be viewed as carnal rage, usually followed by some sort of outburst, resulting in someone’s life being taken.

Height: 5’6
Weight: 117 lbs
Clothing: Ayane can usually be found wearing winter clothes regardless of the weather outside. She always has a pair of goggles either attached to her forehead, or resting on her neck. Her wardrobe consists of black hoodies with white stripes on the arms, and sweatpants with the same design. She has a wide array of shoes, from simple converses to 4 inch heels, all in black or white, as she’s not very fond of brighter colors.
In formal events she does dress up, applying make up to her face and putting contacts on, to change the color of her bright white eyes, to something more pleasing like blue. She does borrow dresses from her sister, usually something pretty to fit the event, or even simple skirts and a shirt. Instead of her goggles she wears bright white glasses with transistor lenses.

Personality Information

Personality: Mostly due to the way she was treated as a
child, Ayane once possessed a dark, antagonistic arrogant outlook on life, and was completely
driven by the desire to prove to herself and others that she is better than
those that condemned her. As a result, she turned into a determined, strong,
secretive and deadly young woman, earning her the nickname. After a few months however, she found the lord and became something of a more calming woman, although at times she still exhibits behaviors of her violent past. However, despite her cruel behaviour, she wasn’t
entirely cold and heartless. She does form working relationships with those
around her, and even loving, emotional attachment. She is devoted to what she
believes in and follows the code of her clan with all her heart, willing to
take on tasks for her higher ups even if it means she could die doing so.

In battle she is someone, that enjoys absorbing the whole battle field, and using
it to her advantage, she has a wind like vibe to her in battle, enjoying
flipping, dancing and avoiding attacks just to tire out her opponent.
Physically she’s not very powerful, but she’s quick.. able to throw punches,
quick enough to simulate the pain of one powerful punch.
Likes: Speed, High Altitudes, a good fight
Dislikes: Fire, Large Men, Masks
Religion: Christian, She visits church every Sunday, even if it interferes with her job.
Morality: Good
-Murderous: 7
-Law-Abiding: 4
-Violent: 6
-Protecting Others: 7
-Neatness: 4
-Truthfulness: 5
Catch Phrase: Simple as Such, Fucking Rage, “Eh.. what?” “Vaya Con Dios”
Theme Song:[/color] Mi Corazoncito
Affilition Information

Side: Japanese Task Force
Death Note: No

Stat Information

Rank: Skilled
-Strength: 10
-Speed: 13
-Stamina: 14
-Hand-Eye Coordination: 14
-Intelligence: 11
-Wisdom: 8

Weapon Information

Name: Ronin Arms “White Crane MK-II”
Rounds: 10mm Caseless rounds
History: Custom Made for her by her “Father” as protection and as a gift.

Item Information

Name: Cross Necklace
Appearance: It is a long string on silver, with a cross
History: Sunday School

History Information

History: Ayane was born in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo She was raised as a regular girl being the sole female born in her family. During her years of early childhood her mother would take her out to the City, to tour around the area that "She would become famous in." Around the age of 9 Ayane was taking the train on her way home from school when she saw a man draw a weapon and begin to shoot a salaryman in the head, repeatedly, until there was nothing left of his head. She unlike the other people on the train, stood and watched as it happened, not being phased by the violence but intrigued by the thought of taking another mans life, although she was sickened that it wasn’t the shooter having his brains blown out. As the train halted to a stop the man looked around to make sure he wasn’t going to be followed, he grabbed Ayane and dragged her from the train, all the way down the steps to a car he had parked on the street. Hitting her in the back of her head, she was knocked unconscious and driven to the man’s hideout. She awoke in a large dark room, tied to a chair. She looked around to see 2 men staring at her.

The kidnappers wanted to hold her for ransom but her parents were so far in debt they couldn't afford to pay the ransom or even hire someone to go after their beloved daughter. Ayane's Parents regretted every second that passed without their daughter and after a month of separation they began fearing the worst. Ayane was at the hideout being used as entertainment. Every Morning from day to night she would be forced to dance and act and only offered rest when she had to eat. If she didn’t act well enough, the beat her, if she didn’t dance well enough they cut her. After 6 months of the torture Ayane was pulled to her white room where she sat staring at the sky for hours. That was when it happened. One of the men burst into the room, with gun in hand and a bullet hole in his shoulder. He spoke rapidly to those he worked with, but it was too late. The door behind him was kicked down, falling on top of his slowly dying body. As he tried to move, a bullet was swiftly sent through his head ending his life. The other men were swiftly executed in a similar fashion and Ayane was rescued by members of the Japanese Police Force. She was taken home by the kind men, and it was from that day that she knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to be a cop.

And so it was, within the next 10 years of her life, she spent all of her time, breezing through school and going out to be a cop. Upon reaching 18 she finally made it through the academy, becoming an officer of the law. She was stationed in her hometown, when the ‘Killings’ began. It was insane, people began dying out of nowhere, most if not all of them being killed through a heart attack. After a few weeks of studying up on the case, her boss decided to bring her onto something that was completely on the DL, something being run by a person named ‘L’, known as the JTF, the Japanese Task Force.

RP Sample: She fell to her knees looking at her hands. They were burnt beyond recognition, and were threatening to catch fire at the simplest spark. Cupping her hands together, she cried out into the night sky, as the pain raced through her body. It raced through her, and brought her body's nerve endings back to life. She was rejuvenated, ready for war and going in for the kill. She stood up from her resting point atop a cliff and glanced down at the burning fire on the horizon her house she had to get down there... her daughter she was down there. Taking a step forward, she fell off the cliff face, falling straight towards the ground beneath her. Her eyes began to water as the wind blasted through and around her. Throwing her hands together, she began performing hand signs, to create herself a cushion in her fall. After falling for most of the cliff, drew the assault rifle from her belt. Switching onto the Grande Launcher, she fired a round letting it fall, it exploded into the water beneath her, sending a large spike of water towards her, letting her fall into softer water. Swimming forward, she broke the surface of the water, climbing onto land. She moved swiftly through the trees leading to her house. On sides all around her, she could smell battles breaking out. People were dying, being shot… stabbed… clubbed… drowned… castrated.. it was a page right out of history. Looking to the right she ducked under a knife aimed at her neck. Reaching her hand towards the shuriken, her hands grabbed the hilt. The man who threw it seemed to have a disturbed look on his face, almost a confused face as if he had expected an easy kill. Her heart was beating to the sound of a machine gun as she worried of her daughters fate in the house. Flipping off of the ground, her body contorted into the shape of a pinball, before extending, as she released the knife at the man. The blade cleaved into his neck. She ran forward and kicked the blade of the knife, causing the rest of it to rip through his neck. Falling to the ground, she grabbed the knife from his neck and began breathing faster and faster. Raising the blade above her head, she screamed at the top of her lungs as she brought it down faster and faster, into the corpse’s head. She pierced through his skull, and than his brain and than soon his jaw. The blood from his neck injury sprayed all over the place, as she jerked his head about with each subsequent hit. The blood splashed about her face, as her smile grew and grew. Eventually there was nothing recognizable about this man’s face.

Throwing the knife to the ground she turned towards her town once more. Breaking into a reinvigorated sprint, she cleared the battle field in no time, and made it to the gates of the town which were burned to the ground. Noticing a battle taking place at the gates, she detoured to the left and focused her adrenaline into her feet. She ran up the side of the protective wall and alighted atop the wall. Focusing on the quadrant of the village that her home was in, she jumped from the wall, landing on the roof of a bakery before her. Rushing forward, she drew a small folded fan inside her dress. Extending the fan, she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, avoiding the stares of the people beneath her, screaming for her help and what not. With a stone face, she moved towards her home, one of the only houses that seemed to not be on fire. It was with a dark smile that she saw bodies piled up by the front door. Jumping from the roof she was on she landed atop the body highest on the pile. With a sickening crunch, blood seemed to exude from the body’s mouth and the tear in his belly, exuded stomach matter. Stepping forward, towards the open door she called out in a soft voice. Christie… My baby… are you here? She heard a soft sound of rushing wind, and instinctively ducked. 30 bullets and out the door towards the building behind her. Rolling forward, she stood up and drew a gun of her own. A voice in the darkness called out, to her Mother… the dog died. Ayane spun her gun so that the blade was resting in her burnt hand. She squeezed it slowly, allowing blood to be drawn from her hand. It’s okay darling… we’ll get a bird twice as big and twice as strong. Her daughter ran forward from the darkness and hugged her. The challenge and call sign were both recognized by both women as they smiled. It’s okay Christie look… the village has fallen... I hate to admit it but we must get out of here… we’re going to go to the mayor’s office and leave through the tunnel way in the basement. Her daughter nodded slowly and took a pistol from a body on the floor.

Both women turned towards the door and slowly peeked around the corners, to see that the way was fine. Christie nodded and turned to the right, running silently towards the office. Ayane followed after her daughter, covering her back. She threw her knife forward at her daughter’s neck, silently as her daughter turned around with a shocked expression. Rocia’s knife clashed with a blade thrown by a previously unseen assailant from the rooftop. Jumping from her position, she grabbed her gun and aimed it at the man, who was charging at her daughter. A few dark bullets left their home and ripped through the body of the assailant. Christie jumped upwards and axe kicked the man’s head, slamming him down to the ground. Taking her knife she plunged it through his gut, nicking the carotid artery, and sending a spray of blood into the night sky. Ayane jumped through the blood fountain, grabbing her daughter and running as quick as she could. They were coming, she could feel it. She was too sloppy with her killing, they were closing in on her trail and she needed to escape. Throwing her daughter from her grip, Christie balanced out in the air, and landed on a rooftop. Get out of here, Christie… get to the office and don’t let anything stop you. Ayane jumped upwards from building to building getting to a vantage point. She drew two black and silver fans from behind her dress. Unfolding them both she held them in an alluring pose before her body. One covering her mouth and the other covering her stomach, she sighed softly as she heard them coming. They were soft growls of machinery rolling through the air.

With one last look, to her daughters back as she ran through the front gate of the Mayor’s Office, she smiled, causing tears to crawl down her face. Turning back to those coming towards her, her smile faded, the bloodlust in her eyes grew. She saw 10 large tanks, rolling over buildings and rushing towards the mayor’s office. Ayane jumped into the air and spun slowly, gathering her adrenaline into her fans. In one slash of her fans, A massive wave of bright red Adren, burst from the tips of her weapons, colliding with the tank’s artillery as they flew through the air. 13 years later, a statue of Ayane is being praised by a class of children with clothes akin to that of the invading nation. One child asks what life was like for the Statue Lady. The student was then approached by a teacher, with a black and silver fan in her hand, who goes on to explain about how the woman’s life was like one long story. She sat down before the class and began telling the tale of the Ayane, the mother of the new city.
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